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what is 10ft shipping container

What is a 10FT shipping container ??

10FT Shipping Container

10-foot shipping containers Is The Smallest In Size Which offers 16 cubic meters of space and stack well with other standard size containers. Even though they are not an ISO standard size, these are the smallest officially recognised containers and are in high demand for their modular and portable nature. They Are used For the Below reasons

Why Are 10 FT Shipping Container Used?

  1. Garden storage ( 
  2. Tool storage
  3. Bike / Vehicle Parts storage
  4. As well as storage for groundskeepers, handymen, tradesmen or for retail storage use
  5. 10ft Restroom Containers
  6. Garage Storage 
  7. Used For Portable Restaurants and cafe
  8. For Shipping Standard Product From One Place To Another

10Ft Restroom Container

  1. the toilet is made from a 10ft shipping container and is fitted with a disabled access toilet, hand wash and grab handles
  2. Portable Office with Toilet
  3. Public Restrooms 

Are You Looking For One ??

10FT Bike Storage:

For Bike Lover, 10 Ft Container Is The Best Option Store Your Bike And Vehicle Parts. The reason why Bikers Buy This container is because 

  1. It’s way cheaper
  2. Easy to store 
  3. easy portable

Old Container Cost from 1000$ to 2000 $ whereas the new container can cost up to 5000 $ 

Note The cost depends On the seller And Place 

Search for 10Ft Bike Storage And Make Deals With Best Verifies Sellers!!

Garden Storage