Open top container sale in Malaysia (20ft)



Open top container sale Malaysia

Open top container sale Malaysia-Dimension 20ft, 40ft Shipping container open top Happeg Loyed, Maersk line Malaysia dimension. We do have a sale of open top containers in Dubai, Jeddah, India, Pakistan.

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We are one of the best shipping container sale suppliers in Malaysia. have the following options for container for sale malaysia.

  • Open top container for sale in rent in Malaysia.
  • Reefer containers 20ft and 40ft both sale in rent.
  • Standard shipping container sales in Malaysia also on rental bases.
  • 10ft reefer container sale in Malaysia.
Product Description

_02.jpg What is open top container?

Open-top containers sale in Malaysia, are used for all types of heavy-weight cargo like machinery, steel products, and plate glass. It has the following typical distinguishing structural features. The roof consists of removable bows and a removable tarpaulin. The door header may be swiveled out. These two structural features greatly simplify the process of packing and unpacking the container, so this is an introduction of what is open top container.


In particular, it is very simple to pack and unpack and load and unload the shipping container from above or through the doors by crane or crab when the roof is open and the door header is swiveled out. The walls of open top containers are generally made of corrugated steel. The floor is made of wood.


The open top container has been designed and constructed for the transportation of general cargo on sea, road, or rail throughout the world. With the development of container lines promptly, China has become one of the largest container manufacturing countries.


In Malaysia, the shipping container is made of high steel and is able to withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -40 °c to 70°c, and all have been certified by the major Classification Society(CCS,BV, ABS,GL) completely conforming to International Standard. Also, we have reefer container sale in Malaysia, the price list can be given on request. Open top container sale Malaysia-Dimension 20ft, 40ft Shipping container open top Happeg Loyed, Maersk line Malaysia dimension.


1. Container open top dimensions:

open top container malaysia


2. Photos Display:





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shipping container sale in Malaysia

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40ft open top containers for sale 40ft open top containers for sale in Brisbane40ft <a data-mil=open top containers malayasia price” width=”300″ height=”300″ />




1 Can you offer the survey report?

Yes, most of our containers have the report! If you want, it can be offered it to you.


2 Can you offer the photos of the shipping container before I buy it?

Yes, we can offer specific photos of the selected container you purchase from us.



4 Which type of used shipping containers do you have?

We sell two types of used shipping containers:20ft / 40ft including refrigerated, standard containers in Malaysia.


Does the shipping company accept your containers?

Yes, because all of our containers are ABS BV GL CCS certified. And they are qualified.


6 Do you have different kinds of containers in other ports?

Yes, has stocked the containers in many sea ports’ main trading ports, such as The major seaports in Malaysia include container Port Klang, Penang sea Port, Johor sea Port including PTP, Kuantan Port, and Bintulu Port container terminal with cheap cost container for sale malaysia. Others such as Lumut Port, Sabah sea Port, Kuching Port, Rajang Port, and Miri Port are regional seaports and also in Karachi, Mumbai, Dubai, Jeddah, Dammam, and Singapore.


7 What if my question wasn’t answered in the FAQ?

Contact me or choose the sales to consult directly.  We’re always happy to help for container for sale malaysia!

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Additional information

Model Number


Max Gross Weight

20,320 KG

Place of Origin

Shanghai China

Packaging Detail



China main port

Internal Dimensions(l x W x H)(mm)

5.898m * 2.352m *2.342m

Supply Ability

6 Unit/Units per Month

Length (feet)


External Dimensions(l x W x H)(mm)

6.058m * 2.438m *2.591m



Payment Terms


Maximum Payload

18,120 KG

Brand Name

JJMES or others


Open Top Container

Tare Weight

2,200 KG


32.5 m3


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